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The Right on Crime Team

Derek M. Cohen, Ph.D.?is Director of Right on Crime at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Cohen graduated with a B.S. in Criminal Justice from Bowling Green State University. He went on to complete an M.S. degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati, where he also recently completed his Ph.D. dissertation on the long-term […]
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ASU Law?s Academy for Justice tackles reentry for its inaugural event

The Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University created its Academy for Justice in 2016 to help improve the criminal justice system by bridging the gap between academia and on-the-ground reform efforts. The academy took a big first step in bridging that gap by producing and distributing a comprehensive four-volume set of criminal justice reform issues […]
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Arizona?s sentencing loophole a growing problem

Twenty-five years ago, a truth in sentencing law went into effect in Arizona that eliminated parole. However since then, parole has been offered to hundreds of people through plea deals and in trials. The legislature partially addressed the issue but the solution does not include those promised parole through a trial. Hear about Arizona?s parole […]
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Arizona is Making Sausage

I was told once that if you like the law and you like sausage, you should never experience the making of either.? I was told this at a cook out during my first week of law school, while eating a sausage.? Of course I laughed, but after years of working in courtrooms and capitol buildings […]
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A Fox in Charge of the Hen House

I have written about it before?HB2477?a major reform to the civil asset forfeiture process in Arizona that was passed by legislators and signed by the Governor. Amongst the many good things it does, the law now requires all RICO (seized money) fund expenditures by a County Attorney?s Offices to first be approved by the County […]
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